AstroQuest’s new workflow

Things have changed around here! We’ve created a new workflow for AstroQuest that makes it easier to use as well as more enjoyable.

Previously, when you inspected a galaxy and found that the computer guess was wrong, we gave you the option to fix the segments using paint tools.

The new workflow doesn't feature these paint tools

With the new workflow, these paint tools have been taken out. The algorithm used by our scientists has improved a lot, and we no longer need you to fix the segments. We want you to inspect as many galaxies as you can and let us know that the computer guess is right, or select reasons why it’s wrong.

By doing this, you are helping to sort the galaxy images into ones that are right and ones that need more attention from the science team.

We’ve also added some new features to reward you for your hard work. Please note that we have kept your progress from the old workflow and updated it to the new one, so you may already have unlocked some (or maybe all!) of these new rewards. If you want to start again, contact us and we can reset your progress back to zero.

Gaining XP

As you inspect galaxies, your XP will increase. You will gain more for galaxies that could be more difficult than galaxies that are easier. Difficult galaxies are smaller, further away, and have more coloured segments. You also gain more XP if your answer is considered “correct”, as explained in the next section…


This score encourages you to take your time and think about each galaxy.

 The first set of galaxies you do are “tutorial” galaxies. After you finish those your performance score will be calculated. This lets you know how many of the tutorial galaxies you got “correct”, which means you agreed with the general consensus about that galaxy.

When you’re finished with those and inspect a non-tutorial galaxy, your performance will be calculated when enough people have inspected the same galaxy and it gets archived. At that point, the majority opinion about the galaxy is considered “correct”. If you agree with the majority most of the time your performance score will be higher than if you disagree with the majority a lot. Whenever you agree with the majority, your XP will also increase a little bit.


As your XP increases, you’ll unlock our new trophies. These are a bit like the quests in the old workflow, but they’re not based on doing a set number of galaxies anymore. They’re based on your XP, so you’ll unlock trophies by doing all the things that increase XP.


As your XP increases, your level will also go up. This will take a bit longer than it did in the old workflow.


These are the same as they were before, rewarding you for the number of galaxies you inspect and the length of time you spend on the site. They don’t depend on XP or performance.

We hope you enjoy using the new workflow! If you notice any bugs, or find anything confusing, please post on the forums and let us know.

Happy AstroQuesting!